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Dr. Stembridge

- Adeyemi Stembridge -

Adeyemi Stembridge, PhD is an educational consultant specializing in equity-focused technical assistance. He is a coach and thought-partner to teachers and administrators with a particular interest in the design of culturally responsive systems and learning experiences for students.


Dr. Stembridge has been a technical assistance provider in applied research centers at New York University, Teachers College (Columbia University) and American University in Washington, DC where he has worked directly with school districts across the country to develop strategies for closing achievement gaps and improving systems for equitable outcomes.

Dr. Stembridge's upcoming book, Brilliant Teaching: Using Culture and Artful Thinking to Close Equity Gaps will be out in July 2023. This book draws from a range of disciplines, including but going well beyond the post-modern and critical-theory-based discourse that dominate conversations today. Brilliant Teaching also pulls from art theory, cultural psychology, cognitive science, and learning theory, as well as classic historical texts within education. With this broad foundation, Dr. Stembridge offers an empowering, engaging approach that educators can use to help learners reach their own goals, and to move society onward and upward.​

Equity―when we view it from an informed, multi-layered, and artistic perspective―is the essential purpose of teaching.


True equity does not need to defend or justify itself against detractors. Teaching for equity means creating student-centered opportunities that match the social, political, and economic context of the learning environment. 

Culturally Responsive Education 

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