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Are you available for inspiration?

Are you available for inspiration? Because inspiration is all around you. Though it may be camouflaged by inconvenience or some sincerely uncomfortable circumstance... it's there.

There is a deeply flawed world-view held by billions of human beings that inspiration has the responsibility to find you—that you are the passive recipient of inspiration and if you are not inspired, then somehow, inspiration itself has failed you.

I propose an alternative view. Let me share an exercise that I find helpful.

Play a game with yourself: Be inspired. Literally, commit to being inspired... not forever, but for an hour. Make the conscious decision to find inspiration in whatever you experience in an hour. Set a timer and go. Engage with your life, wherever you are, while asking yourself of whatever happens, How can this be a source of a preferred future outcome? Make it into a spiritual practice.

Inspiration is all around you. There is no shortage of source material. The more relevant question is: Are you available for it?



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