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Teaching is a spiritual practice—

Updated: Aug 5, 2020

By spirituality, of course, I do not mean religion. I intend not to cast aspersions on the religious; but to be religious isn't necessarily a spiritual practice.

Through the spiritual practice of teaching, one can find themselves.

Teaching is often framed as a service—which it is, but through teaching, one can come into greater awareness of their own sense of purpose... and purpose is the life-force of spirituality.

To take even one single, deliberate step in the direction of one's purpose is an act of spirituality.

The key is, however, to not mistake purpose for the trappings of ego. Ego camouflages itself as purpose. Spirituality is Light. Ego invites darkness. Spirituality develops gifts. Ego employs tools.

Spirituality allows for the discernment between the two.

28 July 2020

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